Q: What is the recommended usage of a KICSTICK?

A: One might place the stick in their mouth instead of reaching for a vape pen or cigarette.


Q: How long do I keep a KICSTICK in my mouth?

A: That is completely up to you. The goal is to fulfill the oral fixation long enough to ward off a nicotine craving.


Q: Is chewing on licorice root addictive like nicotine gum?

A: No. KICSTICK does not contain any nicotine or other addictive chemicals.


Q:  Do they contain Nicotine?

A:  No, that is the whole point. It’s a stick.


Q: How many are in a box?



Q: Can a KICSTICK improve my sex life?

A: Technically yes, if you stop smoking, you will no longer taste like an ashtray. Nicotine causes your blood vessels to contract and is the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction.


Q: Will my dog like them? Kerplunk loves to chew on sticks.

A: No, do not give them to your dog.


Q: Can I fill the box with cigarettes?

A: I think you are missing the point. Please refer to the Science Page.


Q: The box is pretty.

A: Thank you. Kic the Nic and Chew A Stick!


Q: How will they help me stop vaping all the time?

A: Chew a KICSTICK instead of hitting your vape!


Q: Who is Nic?

A: I'm not sure who you are referring to.


Q: How many boxes can I buy at one time?

A: As many as you would like.


Q: Is the box a good stocking stuffer to be used around the holidays?

A: Yes! If a loved one smokes or vapes, a box or two of KICSTICKs is a warm, loving, and sensitive gift.


Q: How many KICSTICKS will I need to quit smoking?

A: That depends on how aggressive you are in deciding to quit. If every time you crave a cigarette you chew a stick, you may go through quite a few depending on how much you smoke.


Q: I like to vape every day. I think I will miss it if I replace my vape rig with KICSTICKS.

A: So, do both. It’s up to you if you want to give up vaping. Maybe you will just vape a bit less and feel better that you are a little less addicted to the Nic.