The new Kicstckers are here!

I hope you sitting down! This is big! The new Kicstckers are here! And yes, people are shouting about it from the mountain tops!  I know what your thinking… There’s already a reusable Kicsticker in each Tin of Kicsticks. That true. But for the next two weeks, If you add the phrase “I’m a Kicsticker” anywhere in your order, you will receive a 2nd Kicksticker absolutely free! That’s right! They’re vinyl and stick on things because they’re stickers!  Could we be having any more fun than that? 

So go ahead - enjoy the finest, nicotine-free, handcrafted, no bark, human chew stick,  specifically designed for the most discerning, civilized chewers of imported licorice root around the world.