Quitting Smoking? Does this sound familiar?

Months after I quit smoking I continued to chew Kicstick’s. When you feel the urge to smoke or vape I'd just pop a KICSTICK in my mouth. Cravings generally only last 10 minutes. I let the sweet licorice flavors saturate my pallet, and before long the urge will pass. The goal is to THINK about the KICSTCK in your mouth, NOT about smoking or vaping.

I continued to think about smoking even though I knew I really didn’t want to smoke ever again. However, I was curious even after time had passed why my brain continued to think about smoking. Sometimes I would even have dreams and in my dreams, I was smoking. Crazy.

I had heard about Allen Carr’s, Easyway to Stop Smoking Program and the seminars he had been running for years. I was curious. I knew he spoke a great deal about brainwashing and looking at the smoking experience differently. He’s helped millions of people successfully quit smoking by brilliantly creating a paradigm shift about the way smokers think about smoking.

I knew we had one thing in common when I created the Kicstick company my goal was to create a product that was nicotine-free, 100% natural, and an alternative to all the nicotine replacement therapies on the market. Why replace one nicotine addiction with another… I have known people who have chewed nicotine gum for years.

I bought the book and read it. What a brilliant approach. He has done something amazing!

Breaking the cycle and reprogramming the way one approaches smoking and quitting is simplified with a new set of thoughts and feelings.

People email me and ask me if Kicsticks will help them quit.”I tell them no. It’s not a magic wand, it's a stick that can help with the oral fixation associated with quitting. The only way they will help you quit smoking is if they have reached the point where you really “want” to quit. To be free of the addiction.”

So when you’re ready to smoke your final cigarette, I highly recommend Allen Carr’s - Easyway and a box of Kicsticks!