It’s Buddha’s Birthday!

Buddha means a lot to billions of people around the world, but I have no idea how old Budda is, so how many candles do we put on his cake?

Apparently, he symbolizes the foundation Buddhism. I love the philosophy behind want Buddhism stands for which is to lead a moral life and to be aware of both yourself and those around you. 

So how do you plan to celebrate Buddha’s birthday?

I can think of four ways... 

Be kind to a stranger. Help them out, lift your mask and give them a smile. Hopefully, they won’t be pissed off that you lifted your mask because that would be very un-Buddha-like.

Enjoy a Kicstick and share one with a friend. Not the one you have already been chewing on, that’s gross and very un-Buddha-like.

Sit under a tree and meditate. Put your toes onto the earth and feel at one with the universe. If you chant a mantra do it quietly as not to disturb others. Chanting loudly to get attention, like hey, look at me, I’m meditating is very un-Buddha-like.

Go ahead it’s Buddha’s birthday, have another Kicstick and remember when you are done with it, even though they are 100% natural and biodegradable to dispose of it properly. Nobody enjoys stepping on a saliva-covered Kicstick that was in somebody else’s mouth, and yes, that would be very un-Buddha-like.

Be mindful. Try to live in the present moment. Living consciously is much harder than you might think, or it’s not. ;) Continuously worrying about your past or what is going to happen in the future is very un-Buddha-like.

So however you decide to celebrate be Buddha-like - Namaste.