In honor of Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday!

In honor of Pi Day which is known as a constant value used in math and Albert Einstein’s birthday, we felt it important to explain the constant value used in Kicsticks.

We know that Albert would have wanted you to become part of the KICSTICK family because he really enjoyed math too.

Follow this carefully...

This math equation is going to assume you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. That is equivalent to (20) cigarettes. 

  1.  Replace two of those cigarettes in your pack with Kicsticks.
  2. Do whatever you do during the day. (that’s personal and your choice)
  3. Look into the pack of cigarettes you started the day with. If at the end of the day the two kicstick are gone and the other 18 cigarettes we can do some math.
  4. If the above is information is correct, by replacing those two cigarettes with Kicsticks - You smoked two fewer cigarettes today and ingested 10% less nicotine than you did the day before. Whoot! Whoot!
  5. What does that have to do with Pi? Nothing! But those are some real numbers my friend, and from where I sit you’re 10% closer to giving up Nicotine.  

 Our goal is with each KICSTICK you chew, is that it helps you through the cravings and helps combat that tenacious ongoing addiction of yours. 

Be kind to yourself - Kicstick