If you know someone that smokes or vapes, you might find this interesting...










My Cardiologist: “How much do you smoke?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

My Cardiologist: “How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?”

Me: “I’m really not sure?”

My Cardiologist: “Come on... a pack?  Two packs?

Me: “Sorry, I never gave it much thought.”

My Cardiologist: “What happens when you run out of cigarettes? 

Me: “I go to the trunk of my car and get more...” 

And that’s was how my journey began -

I had smoked on and off for most of my life. Everyone secretly wants to quit, but getting motivated and sticking with it is hard, some say, it’s more addictive than heroin.  

At the very least I was determined to start cutting back, so I slapped on a nicotine patch. 

After doing some research I learned it was easier to quit smoking if you started vaping, so I ripped that patch off and bought a vape pen. It was great, I could sneak hits off that vape pen anywhere! But before I knew it, I was ripping through those little expensive pods, faster than I would ever admit. 

Then the media exploded with vaping news. Apparently, vaping was not really that good for you after all. Bummer, it wasn’t as good as smoking, but I liked it. There are numerous products on the market that are designed to help you quit, but I wanted to reduce the amount of nicotine I was ingesting. Why replace one delivery method with another?

Nicotine’s not necessarily evil, it’s really addictive.  While purging the nicotine from my system I found that I needed something to keep in my hand and more importantly put in my mouth to replace the vape. Wait, did that come out wrong? 

I tried cinnamon sticks and they made me drool. I chewed on anything I could find, pens and pencils... My problem was I chewed everything to pieces, like a miniature schnauzer on his birthday. 

Then I discovered licorice root. It’s been around in various forms dating back to ancient Egypt and had been indulged upon by prophets and pharaohs. I’m no prophet, but it was exactly what I was looking for, except the bark would come off in your mouth… I soon learned spitting bark everywhere was “highly” frowned upon.

So I set out to make something better and with that, KICSTICK was born.  They really helped by fulfilling the oral fixation that comes with quitting smoking or vaping.

I made them the same diameter and length of a cigarette, so when you feel the urge to smoke or vape put the KICSTICK in your mouth. Place the side of the stick without bark into your mouth. The heavy bark has been peeled away, which creates an easy and more enjoyable chewing experience. 

Cravings generally only last 10 minutes. Allow the sweet licorice flavors to saturate your pallet, and before you know it the urge will pass. THINK about the KICSTCK in your mouth, NOT about smoking or vaping. 

Your MIND is powerful. The goal is to disrupt a trigger or pattern. Remember, it’s not a magic wand, it's a stick. To quote Andy Puddicombe the creator of Headspace -  “If we could manage cravings by controlling them, we would've done so a long time ago.”  

My goal was to bring a healthy alternative to the marketplace that did not contain nicotine, which for many people, prolongs their addiction.  Be KIND to yourself. It’s hard to reduce the amount of nicotine your body has become accustomed to. 

So join me and “stick the habit.”  My goal, with each KICSTICK you chew, is to leave you satiated while nurturing that cantankerous tenacious ongoing addiction of yours.  So if you have a loved one that smokes or vapes hopefully this new product can help them “kic the nic,” as it helped me. 

Kicstick - The first refined, handcrafted, no bark chew - specifically designed for the most discerning, civilized chewers of imported liquorice root around the world.