Here at Kicstick, we would like to congratulate Nomadland for its six nominations at the 93rd Academy Awards and would like to suggest a seventh nomination.

Best Picture Nominee 2021 · Frances McDormand, Chloé Zhao, Peter Spears -

Best Actress Nominee 2021 · Frances McDormand

Best Director Nominee 2021 · Chloé Zhao

Best Adapted Screenplay Nominee 2021 · Chloé Zhao

Best Cinematography Nominee 2021 · Joshua James Richards

Best Film Editing Nominee 2021 · Chloé Zhao


We would like the recipient of this year's new category - Helping Humanity academy award go to....

Nomadland for Best Film To do Something Good for Humanity 2021 - Frances McDormand, Chloé Zhao, Peter Spears, Dan Janvey and Mollye Asher.

Nomadland was the only film to suggest chewing licorice sticks to help with the oral fixation associated with quitting smoking. (If only he had a Tin of Kicsticks maybe she'd have...) In this scene, David Strathairn offers leading lady, Frances McDormand an opportunity to Kic the Nic & Chew a Stick. She brutally shuts him down, cutting him at the knees off even before she tries one, saying “I’m not going to quit smoking Dave.” You tell 'em Frances! We suggest maybe being a bit more open minded next time. David, even though Francis rejected your shot, we respect you for trying and applaud the effort. Mr. Strathairn, we've all been there. Don't feel bad, Kicsticks aren’t some kind of magic wand, they’re only going to help people who are ready to quit smoking or vaping,