Don’t be a Sheep!


  The reality is over 10 million people vape daily, and according to the CDC, more than 3.5 million teens were vaping in 2018 which was an increase of more than 1.5 million teens from the year before. Most vapes contain nicotine which is highly addictive and can harm adolescent brain development. It’s hard to say what other harmful substances are in those things besides nicotine and recent studies are now showing that young people who vape are more likely to start smoking cigarettes in the future. 

        Why do young people start vaping? One, they don’t realize how addictive nicotine is! They think it looks cool, and just like “back in the day'' when people started smoking, peer pressure played a major role. Everyone was smoking and soon everyone was addicted? Did people enjoy smoking? Hell, no! But that's what an addiction makes you believe.

        Imagine if things were different and the cool people chose to chew a stick instead of hitting a vape or take a drag off a smoke. A Kicstick contains no nicotine, but still looks cool. They're 100% natural so you can stop when you want to stop. Smart people are deciding to kic the Nic & Chew a Stick.