Apparently, the stress of the Pandemic has helped out big tobacco.

According to this article written by Bloomberg Opinion columnist, Andrea Felsted.

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The article goes onto say that Market researcher Mintel found in a survey of 2,000 British adults last fall that more than half of cigarette users were stress smoking more than before the pandemic. Some 10 percent started smoking again after giving up. Overall, 30 percent of the smokers surveyed reported lighting up more regularly since the outbreak.

There continues to be a great deal of debate over how much safer products like electronic cigarettes and devices that heat rather than burn tobacco actually are.  Alarms raised two years ago over vaping-related illnesses and a teen vaping epidemic had an impact: There were 9 million vapers in the U.S., last year, down from 12 million in 2019, according to ECigIntelligence, which tracks the market.

Many people in the U.S., as well as Canada, France, Israel, and South Korea, have also said they are smoking more, according to Euromonitor International. After all, not only does working from home mean more smoke breaks, but adds to the stress, isolation, and boredom of lockdowns, and you have a recipe for good intentions going up in smoke.