Amazons Choice - Kicsticks are the perfect Chew Stick for Humans.

Kicsticks are the perfect Chew Stick for Humans. They’re 100% natural, nicotine-free, and handcrafted which makes each one different. Licorice Root is sweet to chew and awesome when it comes to helping with the oral fixation associated with quitting… And you look cool chewing them!

Chew Sticks for humans

They're made from licorice root, but refined to the same diameter, and length of a cigarette, so they simply feel comfortable in your hand or rather your mouth. The heavy bark has been peeled away, which creates an easy and more enjoyable chewing experience. When you feel the urge to smoke or vape put the end of the KICSTICK without the bark in your mouth. Cravings generally only last 10 minutes. Allow the sweet licorice flavors to saturate your pallet, and before you know it the urge will pass.